Here Is Exactly Why You Should Ditch Bagged Tea Leaves Over Loose Leaf Tea

When it comes to tea, we all strive to get the most out of it, right? After all, who wants to get negative health effects from their morning cup of tea. From losing weight to reducing fatigue, stress, cholesterol, and mental clarity, tea has a lot of health benefits when you drink it in the right amounts. But how can you know if your tea has the right composition? It is easy, apart from reading the label, you can tell good quality tea from the taste and its immediate effect upon partaking it.

The truth is, a loose leaf tea is at its purest form because, as opposed to bagged tea, it is not heavily processed. Here are some benefits of loose leaf tea that will make you ditch bagged tea leaves for good.

High-quality tea

You should drink tea not only as a beverage or part of your breakfast combination but also for the health of your body and mind. Loose leaf tea is not exposed to heavy processing, therefore, its minerals are still fully intact.

On the other hand, bagged tea can be exposed to heavy processing and intense steeping to make it light into a dust form. It is just tea dust and fanning particles, hence why the mineral content will always remain low in bagged teas. Therefore, in terms of quality, a loose leaf tea is a much better option for you and your body.

Tea aroma

Through steeping and refining the tea leaves into minute particles for packaging in sachets and tea bags, the tea leaves will lose the majority of their natural aroma and flavour that makes the tea so special. Broken tea leaves will produce high amounts of tannins during steeping, hence they give the tea a bitter like taste.

Loose leaf tea on the other hand, will allow the leaves to unfurl when it is undergoing the steeping process, unravelling the natural flavour and strong aroma of the tea.

With a teabag, even if it has some aroma left, the bag will provide constraints for allowing the tea to expand in its natural flavour and full aroma, leaving a muted, duller taste to the tea.


Loose leaf tea prides itself on its natural freshness as the leaves are whole and in their purest form. Upon steeping, the leaves expand, unearthing their concealed freshness. The taste can resemble the likes of fresh herbs from your garden, with the aroma appearing right away. The freshness will also help with benefitting your body in regards to health. For instance, if you want to reduce fatigue, drink loose leaf tea such as earl grey to get optimum results.

On the other hand, through the industrial processing of the tea bags, there is no freshness left. Besides,  with tea production on an industrial scale, the tea may lie in the warehouse for an extended period before it hits the shelves. Additionally, you never truly know how long those products have been on the shelves before you are purchasing it, meaning the freshness of the tea could have almost completely disappeared by the time you make the purchase.


Unknowingly to many, bagged teas will often contain microplastics that we will then ingest when drinking the tea brewed from that bag. Especially if the tea bag is kept in the tea while you are drinking it. There are some tea brands that use plastic free tea bags to hold their tea leaves, however, it is not always specified on the product so you may not always know. This means you may have been drinking small particles of plastic with every tea you have ever had, which for many people can equate to a lot of plastic.

With loose leaf tea you can be assured that there is no plastic in your tea, no matter how small, which is not only better for your health, but is also beneficial for the environment, making it a win-win situation for everyone.


Loose leaf tea can provide you with a lot of pleasure, both in the preparation process of the tea, and of course, the consumption. Loose leaf tea can provide you with the pleasure of enjoying a tasty and aromatic tea while getting the most out of it, health wise. It is an organic tea that will leave you feeling robust and lively, which can leave most people wanting more.

Drinking bagged tea will not provide you with such an experience. The compression in the bags won’t allow for the same authenticity of the tea, and certainly won’t be as enjoyable to make.

Besides, some companies use substandard material bags, preventing the tea from diffusing beyond the bags or a low-flow diffusion, hence the tea has little or no flavour left for you to enjoy.

The bottom line

Even though brewing tea bags is both easy and convenient, the process of the teabag compression will massively impact the quality of the tea in comparison to loose leaf tea.

If you would like to experience the vast benefits of tea with its added health promotions, along with more aroma and flavor, loose leaf tea is the way to go, we’d suggest trying it out to see for yourself.

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