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Automotive car audio speakers

Automotive car audio speakers

Automotive car audio speakers are accessories well sought after by car drivers who love good music. But, it can’t be any speaker. This is an item that needs to be very well chosen to make up your car stereo system, otherwise you will not have the sound of the desired quality. But then how to best choose this accessory? Next, we’ll show you how.

Adequate power

Among the many reasons why someone decides to buy a speaker for their car (or even change what they already have) is because they want a more powerful sound. Power, in turn, is measured in RMS watts. The tip in this case is to get a speaker with the highest power possible within your budget. It is also important to always consider the power of the accessory being measured in RMS and not PMPO.

If your sound system is low power, your speakers automatically do not need to be very powered. If it is the other way around, i.e. if you have a powerful amplifier system, this will require a higher load demand.

Right sensitivity

Sensitivity is nothing more than the sound pressure acquired through an electrical signal sent from the speaker itself. The measure for assessing the sensitivity of any sound is decibel (dB).

And here’s the tip: if your stereo is low power (around 15 watts RMS per channel), the high-sensitivity rated speakers (somewhere around 90 dB) will be the best choice. If you have a high power system (16 watts RMS or even more), then choose the speakers with lower sensitivity ratings will be the best option here.

Point Frequency

Another issue to consider is how often the speaker must have a response to your sound system, which is nothing more than the operating range. This is measured in Hertz, and this is why you should measure your parameter of choice for the speakers.

For example, let’s say a speaker measurement is between 50 and 1000 Hz. This means that the lowest power of the device reaches 50 Hz, and the highest power, 1000 Hz. Therefore, it is choosing which device is most suitable to your personal taste.

Attention to the speaker kits

There are speaker kits that can help you compose your sound system. We can classify them into two categories, and they should be chosen according to the level of requirement you want: full-range speakers and composite speakers.

Full range speakers are basically “all in one” as they have all the necessary elements in one piece. His simplest system has a woofer for lower tones, and a tweeter for reproducing higher frequencies.

  • Certain models still have additional drivers, such as midranges or super tweeters. This is a suitable system for those who want to replace the factory sound system without further drilling or even installing more complex devices.
  • Composite speaker systems, on the other hand, have separate woofers, tweeters and external crossovers, which guarantees a much higher sound quality. To get an idea, in this system, the tweeter separates from the woofer, which, being set apart, can provide a better resonance, producing a deeper sound.
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